Performance & Concert

The Dallas Guzheng Association hosts a variety of Guzheng performances and concerts throughout the year. These events showcase the skills and talents of the DGA members and provide an opportunity for the public to experience the unique sound and beauty of the Guzheng.

The DGA's high-grade performance gala is a particularly notable event. This annual concert features performances by some of the most skilled and accomplished Guzheng players in the Dallas area. Attendees can expect to be treated to a wide variety of traditional and contemporary Guzheng music, ranging from classic Chinese folk songs to modern pop and jazz-inspired compositions.

In addition to hosting their own concerts, the DGA also accepts invitations to perform at large-scale events organized by other organizations. These performances may include festivals, cultural events, and corporate functions. The DGA's skilled and experienced performers are able to adapt their repertoire to fit the needs and preferences of the event organizers, ensuring a memorable and engaging performance for all attendees.

Whether performing at their own concert or as part of an external event, the DGA's Guzheng performances are always a feast for the ears and the eyes, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful and unique instrument.