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2022 Moon Festival Guzheng Gala

The Dallas Guzheng Association hosted a magnificent 2022 Moon Festival Guzheng Gala, which was a resounding success. Despite facing challenges and obstacles, the association bravely rose to the occasion and launched a comprehensive evening show centered around the Guzheng, complemented by dance, singing, martial arts, and Hanfu catwalks. The show's registered audience far exceeded the initial plan, demonstrating the immense anticipation and excitement among our local communities for this grand event.

Crystal, the chief planner and artistic director of the party, worked hand in hand with a team of experienced stage planners and directors, including Zoe Wu, Jiajia Li, and Puyajing Hong. Together, they designed a breathtaking performance that blended beautiful zither music with graceful dancing, creating an unforgettable audio-visual feast for all in attendance. The main performing groups of the party, including Xizi Guzheng Art Center, Xingji Dance School, Dallas Mingyue Hanfu Club, and Zhiyin, delivered exceptional performances that earned high praise and affirmation from the audience.

The 2022 Moon Festival Guzheng Gala was an unprecedented event that showcased the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese community in Dallas. It was a testament to the dedication and hard work of the Dallas Guzheng Association and its partners, who brought together their collective talents to create a night to remember. The event was a celebration of unity, creativity, and cultural diversity, and it left a lasting impression on everyone who attended.