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Food Culture Festival

Organized by the Tianli Cultural Foundation and zTAO Yijia Supermarket, in collaboration with Dallas Guzheng Association, the "2023 Enchanting Mid-Autumn - Tianli Food Culture Festival" successfully concluded on September 24, 2023, amid laughter and joy. It brought a unique Mid-Autumn celebration to the local residents. The grand festival, unprecedented in scale, attracted over a thousand spectators who came to enjoy delicious food, watch cultural performances, solve lantern riddles, and participate in prize draws. The event received unanimous praise, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

The highlight of the entire celebration was the cultural performances, showcasing a vibrant array of cultural expressions. The performances included guzheng playing, singing, dancing, and diabolo displays, among other captivating artistic forms. The West Lake Guzheng Art Center presented several guzheng performances, including the powerful and resonant dual-part rendition of "Cang Hai Yi Sheng Xiao," the balanced and lingering performance of "Da Yu," and the lively and rhythmic rendition of "Shi Ji." The Zhang Chen Art School presented various singing performances, such as "China in the Light of Lanterns" reminiscent of ancient music, "The Wind is Rising" like mountains and rivers, "As Wished" with the melody of oriole songs, and "Blooming All the Way" with a melodious and flowing tune. The B&M Music School featured the saxophone rendition of the epic "The Bund" with a majestic and impressive air, while the MX Group presented graceful and flowing dances. Finally, the Water Cube Award-winning singer delivered a singing performance that was as melodious as the sound of strings, with the voice echoing throughout.