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May 2023 Guzheng Fingering Skills Seminar

On May 6th, we hosted an engaging and interactive Guzheng fingering skill seminar. Over 30 attendees were present for the event, which was designed to educate and entertain those interested in the traditional Chinese stringed instrument.

Throughout the seminar, the presenter provided demonstrations and hands-on guidance to help attendees improve their technique and learn new fingering patterns. Attendees were also encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences with the Guzheng. Attendees were invited to participate in a series of technical competitions, designed to challenge their fingering skills and accuracy. These competitions included timed exercises and blindfolded performances, which added an element of excitement and surprise to the proceedings.

The event was highly interactive and engaging, with attendees actively participating in the competitions and asking questions throughout the seminar. The blindfolded performances were particularly impressive, with attendees demonstrating their mastery of the Guzheng without relying on their sight.

Overall, the Guzheng fingering skill seminar at the McKinney JJG Library was a great success, providing attendees with a fun and educational experience. The technical competitions and blindfolded performances added a unique and exciting element to the seminar, making it a memorable event for all who attended.